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Pro bono Work

School Makeovers

We enjoy our association with Joint Aid Management’s (JAM) Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme.

“The objective of this programme is to improve the infrastructure of JAM supported ECD centres to create a healthy safe learning environment for vulnerable children. Once the site preparation is complete, local donor staff members and/or overseas volunteer teams are invited to participate in the completion of the project which includes interior and exterior painting, sanding, general maintenance and planting of vegetable gardens” The new more stimulating environment along with educational toys and a daily nutritious meal encourages the children’s complete development and readiness for school.

Our Role

When we are asked to help with mural painting and general “colour design” our role is to organise volunteers into “painting teams” and guide them through the design we have chosen and of course to paint murals on indoor and outdoor walls. It’s rewarding and stimulating and the children are left with a brighter more cheerful playschool.