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Who we are

Our hand painted murals gave us life, and while they remain a happy part of our repertoire as part of the pro bono work we do for JAM, our focus is on bold, painterly designs for fabric and feature wallpapers.  Sometimes a little outside of mainstream our lush designs and vibrant colours make a statement.

All our designs are hand painted and digitally printed onto paper, linens and cottons, mixed and layered to create a medley of cushions, upholstery fabrics, papers and accessories….

Michelle Hallett

Painting murals in African township schools gave meaning to the Michessie mantra “Colour the World Beautiful”.

Michelle who has lived in various African countries and in Europe says her work, which is primarily the result of a need to paint and not always a need to convey a message, has evolved to become Michessie art by design… a combination of art and interior design, just off the mainstream.

Michelle enjoys being a working artist and in particular the stimulating collaboration with Tracy Sunley on fabrics and papers, and in the early days with Jessica Geissler on murals.

Tracy Sunley

Collaborating designer and artist Tracy is inspired by her extensive travels and many years living in the East. Taking classes with celebrated watercolour artist and friend Cecelia Ho and being exposed to exquisite Chinese arts and crafts is just part of a creative journey which has landed happily in abstraction.

Tracy’s exuberant style and love of gardening and all things beautiful are evident in much of her art.

Our Focus

Feature Wallpaper

Scatter Cushions

Accent Furniture